Twistory adds Google Calendar support

Sunday, December 18, 2011 — After a successful release of Twistory 2.0 early 2011 (19K extra users since February), Twistory today announces full compatibility with Google Calendar.

Twistory allows you to display tweets in your calendar. After you've signed up with your Twitter account, Twistory will create a calendar subscription that automatically adds your tweets to your calendar.

Even though Twistory supports most desktop and online calendar applications, Google Calendar subscriptions have been unstable. Today we're happy to announce these issues have been fixed and Twistory now smoothly works with Google Calendar.

Twistory is available as a free and paying version. The free version allows you to visualize your last month of tweets in your calendar. Twistory Pro ($1/month) gives you access to your entire Twitter backlog (currently limited by Twitter to 3200 tweets) and allows you to export your entire Twitter history as a CSV file.

Visit to try it out yourself.

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About Twistory

Twistory allows you to view your tweets in any calendar application supporting the iCalendar format (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, …). Twistory thus offers you a quick and interesting overview of what you’ve been saying, doing and thinking over the past few days, weeks and months.

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